Corporate Partnerships

Align your efforts with your ethics

The happiest, most productive employees believe their efforts matter. When you partner with New York Cares, you give your team the opportunity to make their work count.

Three individuals hold backpacks above their heads during a volunteer sorting project

For Corporate Partners

You want your employees to do more than work. You want them to thrive.

Studies show that volunteering has measurable value beyond the satisfaction of making a difference. It develops employee leadership skills, team building, loyalty, and sense of community.

When you partner with New York Cares, you amplify your efforts to do good in the world. Plus, you get access to the resources of the largest nonprofit organization in the city. We can scale your impact—and support the communities where your team lives and works.

Man holding paint brush and red paint painting railing
A young woman smiles as she writes something on a yellow legal pad during a job readiness fair
Four volunteers in matching blue shirts paint a mural on a school wall. The mural includes the Statue of Liberty.

Your values, at work.

We customize employee engagement programs that bring your team together. Drawing on our vast resources and deep expertise, we create, develop, and execute on your projects alongside your team.

Together, we recruit, motivate, and communicate with your volunteers. This collaboration ensures that each project meets critical community needs and reflects your corporate culture and values.

Customized Employee Engagement is a benefit extended to corporate sponsors at the $7,500 level or above.

☀️ Our Community

Meet our corporate partners

With an outsized reach and impact, New York Cares has set the standard for community service, partnering with more than 150 corporations, 400 nonprofits and schools, and tens of thousands of individuals each year, inspiring organizations across the country.