Meet the team

We are New York Cares

In 1987, a group of friends who wanted to volunteer found themselves frustrated by the fractured nonprofit landscape, making opportunities hard to find. They needed a centralized way to organize efforts and access communities.

And New York Cares was born.

Group staff photo at Governors Island

Our team consists of dedicated professionals who guide strategy and execution for our core mission.

Representing the five boroughs (and occasionally, New Jersey) our team is united by the belief that you earn your NYC stripes not by how many years you’ve been here, but by how connected you are to your community.

Staff holding paint cans
Group shot of New York Cares staff posing with staff certificates
Group photo of New York Cares staff at a coat distribution

Diversity isn’t a box you check. It informs the effort itself.

At New York Cares, we see and celebrate diversity in all its forms. Representation reflects the community—and yields a far more positive impact for teams and neighborhoods. We gather ideas and insights from a wide range of individuals and partners with different backgrounds and perspectives to find the best solutions for pressing community needs.

Meet our staff

Our work would not be possible without our staff and leadership team and their passion for making our city a better place for all New Yorkers.

Keishorea Armstrong
Program Design Specialist

Alfonso Arriola
Junior Developer

Willa Bugnon
Senior Executive Assistant 

Da'Shawna Carpenter
Officer, Corporate Service

Joan Conroy
Director of Volunteer Relations and Support

Trevor DeMilt
Specialist, Innovation & Partnerships

Lisa DuBois
Director, Talent

Kathy Edouard
Associate Director, Program Design

John El-Maraghy
Senior Officer, Corporate Relations

Suzanne Farrell
Director of Foundation, Government Relations & Evaluation

Camille Fillion-Raff
Leadership Coordinator, Volunteer Support

Michael Fracentese
Event Production Coordinator

Paul Fridman
Associate Vice President, Program Operations

Michael Gamber
Director, Technology

David Giglio
Full Stack Developer

Eddie Glass
Volunteer Relations Associate

Jennifer Goldschein
Chief Development Officer

Alex Golubev
Officer, Corporate Relations

Erin Hiatt
Marketing & Communications Associate

Anke Ho
Revenue Manager

Nyisha Holliday
Chief Talent Officer

Katherine Kokeas
Event Production Coordinator

Alexandra Konen
Corporate Service Manager

Noah Kudman
Volunteer Events Specialist

Ed Lada
Chief Finance & Operations Officer

Darline Lalanne
Director of Development, Institutional Relations

Angela LaMarch
Event Production Coordinator

Kayla Lawrence-White
Project Manager, Adult Health & Wellness

Roberto Levin
Senior Corporate Service Manager

Ester Levy
Corporate Finance Manager

Emily Liew
Officer, Volunteer Relations & Support

Erica Lockwood
Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Adam Maldonado
Community Engagement Associate

Tyler Mancini
Leadership Coordinator

Mara McGuinness
Officer, Corporate Relations

Victor Mendoza
Accounting Manager

Lucy Nguyen
Multimedia Designer

Cierra Ossege
Program Design Associate

Emily Parent
Program Design Specialist

Christopher Pearson
Community Partnership Coordinator

Sapreet K. Saluja
Executive Director

Vijay San
Technology Manager

Adrianna Silver
Director, Community Relations

Davin Turkewitz
Marketing Specialist

Melinda Vazquez
Community Partnership Coordinator

Courtney Wallace
Director, Volunteer Events

Kaitlyn Wegener
Recruitment Associate, Volunteer Support 

Glenn Wolff-Eisenberg
Director, Program Design & Evaluation

See yourself here

Our staff represent the best the city has to offer, but there’s something missing: you. When you work at New York Cares, you know your efforts matter.