We are the largest volunteer organization in New York City.

In 1987, a group of friends who wanted to volunteer found themselves frustrated by a fractured nonprofit landscape, making opportunities hard to find. They wanted a centralized way to organize efforts and access communities.

And New York Cares was born.

Man wearing hard hat and New York Cares vest emptying garbage

Thousands of ways to show up for your city

We provide year-round volunteer opportunities for New Yorkers like you. Projects take place across the city in the following areas:

• Educating children, teens, and adults
• Serving those impacted by hunger and homelessness
• Health and wellness for seniors and other vulnerable groups
• Caring for public parks, community gardens, and green spaces
In a busy classroom a woman leans over a table as she makes crafts with two young students

Shaping lives citywide: 37 Years of uninterrupted service

Our programs have evolved over decades of on-the-ground experience. Some volunteers work on the same project every week, while others switch it up for a taste for everything we offer. The options are endless.

Our Community

Meet the team behind the scenes

With an outsized reach and impact, New York Cares has set the standard for nonprofit work, partnering with more than 400 schools, 150 corporations, and tens of thousands of individuals every year, inspiring organizations around the country.